Doing Time With AMP : Wamp Server

If you had been following my older blog you would probably know that I was working with separate installations of Apache, PHP and MySQL. That procedure included a time consuming configurations part also. But now i’m going to introduce you a new software which has all of the above three packaged. It’s called WAMP.
As you would probably know there are several readymade packages with Apache, MySQL and PHP already installed. These include 
1)xampp – apache, mysql, php and perl
2)lamp   – apache, mysql and php on linux
3)WAMP – apache, mysql and php on windows.
Since a lot of us are used to work in windows I’m going to explain a bit about WAMP in this blog.
You might probably be familiar with xampp. So the first question that comes into your mind should be “why would I need this new piece of software?”.  Xampp is configured and optimized to work in any platform (win,linux,mac). On the other hand Wamp is configured to work in windows. If we are using windows isnt it wise to use something optimized for that? 
Download Wamp and install it. During the installation Wamp will ask for your default browser. Point out your default browser (I recommend Firefox). 
After installation you will find a new icon in the system tray.

Click on that to get a menu. 
As you can see this menu has easy access to all the functions you will need to maintain an AMP system. You can even alter settings for the php.ini file directly from the menu. All the configuration files are available from the menu. The basic configurations are adjusted by deafult. So you will not have to configure Apache, Php and MySQL manually as I’ve done before.
The usual htdocs folder is there all right (wampRoot/bin/apache/htdocs). But the web folder will be wampRoot/www. Configuration files for each software are available in their conf directories in wampRoot/bin/{apache,php,mysql}
Thats all I’ve found out within the brief time I spent with Wamp. As one my of friends told me today if it gets the job done and if it is easy then what is wrong in doing it?
Wamp will certainly get your job done. And it relieves you from tiresome configurations. I want you to try it out and put your comments here.


2 thoughts on “Doing Time With AMP : Wamp Server

  1. Pretty useful blog Chamila. Well in Windows i’ve installed WAMP Server. It’s a bit easier than XAMPP because of the system tray icon with links to the localhost page, www folder, starting and stopping services etc. But i use XAMPP in linux. (I use Mandriva 2007.1 Powerpack). I’m sure you’ll cover that in this blog as well. Good work and keep it up!!!

  2. thanx 4 the comment man… i’m using ubuntu now… but hoping to fedora in the future… i’ll cover xampp in fedora…