M.I.A and her “Freedom”

Ever heard of songs by M.I.A????? well I haven’t. They say she’s famous. May be she’s famous in her block or something???? =)

The reason I’m talking about her popularity is that the rumors that I’ve come to hear lately, about a connection between her and one of the most deadliest terrorist groups in the world. The L.T.T.E, otherwise known as the Tamil Tigers. These so called Tigers have been ravaging through my country killing people, burning out villages and making hell on this beautiful heaven just because their leader, Prabhakaran, wanted a land for himself to rule. I simply don’t have words to describe what the L.T.T.E have done to my country within the past 25 years. If you want to know just a fraction of atrocities the tigers have done, follow this link and see for your self. L.T.T.E Atrocities

Now where does this little M.I.A comes in? She is just a British singer right???? Well turns out that she’s not just a singer.

Her name is Mathangi Arulparagasam. Her father is a leading member of the L.T.T.E. He is the founder of Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students(EROS). Turns out that it is just another group supporting L.T.T.E terrorism. You’ll find plenty of wiki links to EROS that justifies their extremist actions. Before them go to the link i’ve provided and see for yourself the blood thirstiness of the L.T.T.E.

M.I.A has been spreading ideas around the world about terrorism and she’s been doing it behind a cover, a cover that says “Freedom”…. What exactly does she mean by freedom? ethnic cleansing? killing school children? killing world leaders who talks ill of terrorism?

If you look at M.I.A. ‘s album covers you will see what she’s trying to spread. The way she tries to justify terrorism is just unbelievable. How can you talk about terrorism and say its just fighting for freedom?

The world has been blind to these kind of actions, till DeLon, USA based rapper artist put out a video revealing M.I.A naked.
download video

When DeLon first came into the field i thought of him as another artist. Just another start among the stars. But i’ve really changed my attitude towards him after what he has done. I always thought the new generation of artists never has the passion and patriotism the old people had. DeLon proved me wrong.

And i’m ashamed of my people in sri lanka who call them selves artists/musicians. So far what they have done is take our music, mix it with another and lead our music industry and the crowd to nowhere. On the other hand DeLon being a sole hip hop artist has done a great job proving his worth to the country. It is worth to note that DeLon has spent only a little time in Sri Lanka and grew up in USA.

For all the people that hate DeLon for his music, just download this video. Support this man in his quest to free Sri Lanka. If you hate DeLon just think about what M.I.A is doing to our country by destroying our image.

download video

Note : Some of the information I’ve stated here are from an email i received. The original blog post about this is done by Nilaksha (නිලක්ෂ). Here is the link. I suggest you visit that also. Its available in Sinhala.

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