What do you think blogging is?

The following mostly applies to the contemporary Sinhala Blogosphere, but if your blogging community is something like this, watch out. The Emo Bloggers are coming.

Write some seemingly controversial post about sex, sex in the bus, or some shit that will create a small disturbance in the crowd.

For Females

If you’re a female, bash men and their sex-addicted nature. Wait till the horde of male readers hit your post who would counter your argument but only would do so to get your attention.

Counter their counter-arguments, this time be a little aggressive.

Counter-argument makers will become more aggressive.

Turn that in to an all out war against specific targets. Get your whole family in if you have to. It’s gonna get “Dr. Strangelove” all over again.

Break down, and blame the flamers for ruining your life and threaten them with suicide.

Close your blog, restrict it to few selected users who would definitely let the others know that they are in your little circle.

Put suicidal notes in online communities like Facebook or Twitter for everyone to see. Watch the male readers trying to calm you down, telling you not to do anything stupid. Female readers who like to appear as sensitive saint-like characters will also do the same.

Claim you’re giving up blogging forever.

Whatever you do do NOT commit suicide. It’s just a publicity stunt.

Wait for few days, check email for pleas to open up the blog. Don’t be surprised if no one has given a single fuck. This routine would probably fix that up.

Do NOT keep the blog closed for more than a week, 10 days maximum.

Open up the blog claiming it is only because your best friends pleaded and threatened you with suicide themselves, that you’re doing so.

 For Males

 Wait and see if anyone has given a fuck about your post. Chances are that no one even noticed it fully.

Go to the posts that female bloggers have written about sex, sex in the bus or some other seemingly controversial shit and comment in them trying to look like you’re the cool stud who would carefully do the whole sex in the bus thing with utmost control.

With the outbreak of the Who-Is-Looking-More-Like-Casanova-In-The-Blogosphere war you will surely get your share of profit.

After some days in to the war, write a post trying to calm people down, act out the whole Hippie “World Peace” drama for additional bonuses.


Whatever the hell that you think blogging is, it should not be the above. At least let us save the kids.


24 thoughts on “What do you think blogging is?

    • hahaha good one! Silent comebacks don’t count though. :D It’s the comeback that does the trick, it should be as loud as possible.

  1. Haters make you famous.

    There is not much chances for male bloggers.. But if you are a female blogger you can be a popular blogging character in one night. Just follow this post it says how to.

    Who wanna be next star ??? : D

  2. Good Post Bro . .

    I have lot to say but. . .. would prefer to be silence for some time . . .

    Something in Short “Waves comes and Goes . . .” lets enjoy them . . . !!!

  3. Good one bro..This is all about the current trend in sinhala blogs..
    Finally…People can write what ever they want..But as you explained above mentioned are not blogging..

  4. Whatever the hell that you think blogging is, it should not be the above. At least let us save the kids.
    Amen to that..!

    • I don’t think actively engaging in these so called “discussions” is the best use of my time. Just making some comments regarding them, in English, would be enough as these people are not likely to see my blog.

  5. Booyah.. this Hurts. Some had their own definition and try to plant it. as every free media this also handled by the human. Yes according to me there was a cool era on the blog sphere. According to another this is the cool era. everything depends and every thing change after all we all humans nor gods nor Evils. Thats is it as i see.

    • Freedom to write whatever he/she wants in his/her blog is not questioned here. Only the use of that freedom is.

  6. Im agree with above . . . like to cull some words from duka ayya

    ” ‘Waves comes and Goes ‘ lets enjoy them . . . ! ” :-)

    Randika Sedara

  7. Your blog is totally different from the usual Sri Lankan bloggers’ ones
    I think most of them are trying to advertise their own selves
    Sharing events,experiences and jokes is not a crime
    but posting about RUBBISH is useless.
    There is no point of discussing it,
    now there are UNIONS of bloggers,and they are writing whatever they want & others are promoting them.