What makes 2012… well.. 2012?

I’ll save you some time. This is going to be a short rant about careless cheering on and around January 1st.

The start of this year has been somewhat dull at best. It was 2011 on Saturday and all of a sudden Sunday was on 2012. And BAM!! “Happy New Year!!!”s keep flowing in. People seemed somewhat over-cheery about 2012 and I was left baffled. What is there to cheer for? After all Mayan Apocalypse is coming guys. It’s not going away.

Call me an asshole, but I see most people’s cheeriness a bit overrated. It’s just a weekend, and weekends don’t turn the world upside down themselves. Of course, the world was turned upside down during weekends, but that statement leaves out the most crucial aspect of that process. You!

People made changes, people discovered new things, people just like you and me triggered all these changes. Not the days themselves. Without us there wouldn’t be any Saturdays, Sundays, hell there wouldn’t be a January 1st at all. The calendar does not change you (of course I’m leaving out the bodily functions), you change the calendar (feeling like Chuck Norris right now?)

What I’m trying to say is that just celebrating January 1st and crossing fingers will not make 2012 a “new” year. It will just pass if you sit there and wait for 2012 to change you. Take the initiative (more like create it), make some resolutions, start doing something, talk to someone you couldn’t last year, find something to learn and bookmark it, and of course make habits of these things and improve yourselves. Set goals, measure yourselves and think how you can be more productive.

If you didn’t do any of these, those long sentences of wishes you SMS’ed to everyone on your contact list are going to be pigeon shit on the windscreen. These will make 2012, 2012. Not someone’s wishes.

Now that we’re clear on that I enjoyed all your well wishes, and I wish the same to you as well. Happy 2012!

And this December’s going to be epic!! Why? Because of one of these (or whatever. They change the “theory” constantly, I’m fed up with keeping up.).

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