You had your chance. Now STFU.

“Just shut the fuck up.”

This is what has been coming to my mind recently everytime I read the thoughts of a certain group of people published online. This group is vastly different from us, lived in a totally different time, believed in a totally different set of values and to be frank knew less about the world than the generation today. All this is good, but these differences start to clash at a certain point and when they do they follow the same irritating pattern. Reminiscing and nostalgia.

This group of people are the ones who lived before us, about a generation back (since our immediate senior generation was almost wiped clean off the island) and spread in range of born in 50’s to 70’s. And it is fucking annoying when they go on blabbering how wonderful and valuable their era was and how degraded, retarded and anarchical our time is. Why?

It’s not annoying because of the tone they use, we can live with that, it’s annoying because their time was as messed up as (or as it is the case in most of the time, worse than) ours and the main cause of being so was they themselves.

  • Most of our generation were born in to a country with the worst level of turmoil. Our mothers stayed in dark during the night and our fathers had to hide to continue breathing in the morning. JVPers along with the government were killing relentlessly for whatever the reason they can come up with and the rest of us celebrated Sinhala New Year not able to distinguish cracker sounds from gun shots and gun powder from the crackers from the burning tires and bodies.
  • LTTE Tamil Tigers were gaining momentum and international recognition so much that the governments too provided arms to them just to keep them at bay.
  • We lived a good half of our lives through these two crises and had to suffer through the broken education system, broken economy and the society. And now we are the generation that is supposed to build the country.
  • Look back and study the events clearly. Who made the decisions that led to racial hatred, uprisings and Ealam wars? Was it the politicians? Yes, but who chose them? Not us. You people are the ones who gave utmost power to the “Hamu mahaththaya”s to cripple this country’s future forever. We weren’t there. But we suffered through the consequences.
  • What generation made the decision to make Sinhala the main language of the country? What generation made it possible for the bourgeoisie to reserve English as their privilege and let us struggle on our own just to get familiar with it? Who (in their most fucked up mental state) is still arguing that Sinhala should be the main language that our juniors should study in?

I could go on forever on how this so called “wise-men” generation is so fundamentally wrong in most of the ideological and intellectual stances they take, but these would be enough to make my point.

Let us face the hard truth. Our generation is much more equipped with knowledge and understanding when it comes to the contemporary environment we live in. We understand capitalism and place it well along side  socialism. We understand the role of a country in the context of a global economy. To be really frank, we understand that Sri Lanka is just an island and there are hundreds of other countries in the world, playing vital roles in determining social development.

You on the other hand lived (or to be precise “indoctrinated”) in a time when communism and Stalinism were hailed as successful political ideologies. You thought dressing up as Che was a lot cooler than having being educated in Cambridge. You thought revolution meant snatching up a few home made guns and taking over few police stations. You followed a man imitating Che to two attempts of uprisings believing them to be Socialist revolutions and believing that man to be Lenin. You still believe contemporary Sri Lanka is 1917 Soviet fucking Russia.

Face it. You didn’t have Internet. You didn’t travel enough. You never read the papers. You were ideological but so were the Nazis. And yes, if you still can’t believe it I’m using the Internet to overrun you.

The Internet is the most valuable invention that came out of the industrial revolution. What has been impossible two decades ago is just yesterday’s technology. People, the considerable majority of these “people” being the younger generation, are more connected than they have been  in the entire history of life on earth. It has enabled this new level of communication where it is impossible for a person connected to be ignorant of what is happening at this very moment around the world. In short, we know what’s happening out there, and we understand it just fine.

You didn’t believe in the Arab Spring uprisings. Your age old political ideologies didn’t explain Tunisia, Egypt or even Libya (The old conspiracy theorists are still baffled at what happened). You were waiting for that final crushing blow on the protesters who were without a proper political ideology (in your sense). You got disappointed when that didn’t happen. In other words you can’t understand what is happening in the world right now.

That is why you still believe that people like Wimal Weerawansa are heroes, people like Nalin De Silva are the greatest intellectuals and Rohana Wijeweera was a true Marxist. This does not bother me at all, but what bothers me is that you, through discovering this Neoliberalist thing called Facebook and Blogger, try to inject and some time succeed in poisoning the younger generation with your stupid outdated ideologies. Since the norms of our contemporary culture still hold that you listen to the elders whatever they say, most of the youngsters do not think beyond what they are told. As a result of this we have young people

  • going after “Asapu” centers and ruining the rest of their lives,
  • idolizing Che, Lenin and Wijeweera to be gods and screwing up the notion of Socialism on the whole,
  • publicly despise everything the western culture has to offer but do not steer off “western” medicine at times of need and
  • oppose Mahinda (or Sarath) for trivial reasons like blocking a waterfall for two hours.

So my advise is stop talking now. You’ve poisoned enough of our generation with your stupid nationalism, modified socialism, communism and fascism. You are at no position to advise this generation on how to take decisions. We’ve seen what your decisions have brought our country to. Let us make the decisions on our own and at least we will be doing it in a more educated and understood world. In it your so called “experience” means shit.

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